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Hi! I’m Debra,

My Life Journey has been rich in opportunities to experience nature, people and cultures that have inspired me as an individual and my art. Travels and adventures near and far cannot be explained in words and have influenced my need to express them visually using color, texture and form. Originally from Puerto Rico and NYC, now living in Salem, Oregon. I have exhibited around the Southwest, the East coast and at the Biennale in Florence, Italy in 2001 and in October of 2023, where I received a 2nd place for my video art.

I also work full time as an art therapist at the Chemawa Indian school in Salem. The benefits of art therapy are inmense as it facilitates the  expression of difficult to express emotions in a visual way without needing words. To be able to balance myself between being a therapist and being able to work on my personal art is extremely gratifying and fullfilling. I enjoy working on my art outside in nature where I connect with my true self.

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